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Disparity Desperation
climbing out the rift between
fiction and reality;
birth of the anthropocene,
chasing immortality
playing out a bad hand;
a house of cards,
the fall of man
buying out the Promised Land;
ten thousand yards,
full of quicksand
sink into another realm,
depressed and disillusioned--
the state of overwhelm,
a capitol of confusion
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 2 0
irrelevant and obsolete
inelegant and incomplete
don’t know.
unprepared for
a trip to the other side.
unheeded for
a chance to be edified.
now do we
truly want to
play a game
we can’t see through?
don’t know.
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 8 0
damage done,
a smoking gun,
stray bullets of a battle won
no heroes in a modern war;
no honor in a bloody corps;
no respect for the human corpse
Sun Tsu’s art is in the right
when victory averts a fight--
words of peace are only trite
where men are never ruled by might.
damage done,
a tale spun,
false records of a battle won
no justice in the battle fought;
no reason in a headline’s thought;
no byline that which can’t be bought
hard for us to empathize
when victory enforces lies--
justifies who lives and dies
by painting pictures of good guys.
damage done,
isn’t it fun
to look back on the battle won?
to satirize permanent scars;
adapt the plot for movie stars;
make a living off memoirs
can’t stop damage at its source
when victory forgets remorse--
another ride on our warhorse,
symptoms resolved with applied force.
damage done to mental health,
the system does it to itself.
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 9 5
State of Being
sophistication- my Achilles' heel
sometimes I wonder... how can it be real?
with love and pain intertwined;
fear and thrill ever aligned
I can't speak for all of mankind
but everything seems too streamlined
life isn't so well-plotted or planned!
bets placed in deus ex machina hands
as if we're the ones written
into an artificial land
mass confusion, easily explained
born ignorant, and never changed
born self-centered and estranged
so many of us turn deranged
and I've become so... detached
I process ideas... the way a computer crunches numbers
in the last few moments... before my slumbers
and everyone is attached
in a profoundly physical way
making it easy to buy into
lies beautifully displayed
I never intend to argue,
yet I wield the sword of wordplay
muddled thoughts contort my brain-
once again, depth is my bane-
such feelings are hard to explain
in words meant for the earthly plane...
take me away,
take me away,
little huricane
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 3 3
I see your scattered pieces lying on the floor
I rearrange them into a mosaic
and your scars are beautiful
I wonder how fragile our minds and souls are
I try to look past the simply prosaic
and your scars are beautiful
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 44 14
underneath the siren's spell
trapped inside a prison cell
living life a hollow shell
every night I
fear the lies that I have told
fear my body growing old
fear my blood is running cold
every night I
feel like I'm bound to die
letting out a silent cry

and through the lens of my mind's eye
stars are holes punched through the sky

always asking
why why why

every night I fear

bottom of the wishing well
near the tolling funeral bell
I build my own mental hell
every night I
put the same song on repeat
put the same song on repeat
put the same song on repeat
my own insomnia
my nyctophobia
call it phobophobia
irrational I know
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 4 9
Lose Control
this is a wake-up call
pride comes before a fall
you think you're tall
and on the ball
but soon you'll pray
God save us all
and I'll say that I told you so
when you run your mouth
your mind is closed
and if you didn't know
when you run your mouth
your heart's exposed
and when you run your mouth
you'll lose control
this is a wake-up call
all of your walls will fall
you can't defend yourself from the unknown
yet you hide within the urban sprawl
such is the fate of the know-it-all
the willful deaf with the death wish gall
too cool to listen to the pastorale
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 3 0
ready set violet
blue-red sunset
airline sweat
the small stuff jet
jaw-drop thunder
risk of wonder
phrases err
to human blunder
no more words
until we set the anchor free
and go

I would go to the ends of the earth
if only to prove my own worth

and I've known ever since birth
that we are night
and we are light

lost and 'round
and 'round we found
homeward sound
safe and bound
slumber army
and what party
hale and smarty
hearty pants
nonsense words
until we set the record straight

wake up mirror
look into the dreamer
are you b-side
with the satisfied
or are you inside
with what's beside the point?
what do you see?
are you what you want the world to be?

:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 7 1
That Time of Night (Let the World Go)
it's hard for me to understand
the if
the and
the ampersand
when I'm drifting off to the quiet land
where all the men are made of sand
and I can't hold on
yet life keeps marching on

falling though the passage of time

slipping into darkness sublime

and with the sunset hanging low
it's time to let the world go

a letter to my favorite band
I found the dirty second hand
source of decay forever bland
I'm off to never never land
and I can't hold on
yet life keeps marching on

all the things I'd never know
under the pale moon's glow
darkest secrets yet to show
unless I let the world go
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 3 1
Everything Comes Apart
as the world lays bare
there's a whisper in the air
fleeting moment of despair
between what's right and what's fair
something must be tangible there
if not
then where?
I ask once more with feeling
is there a voice still appealing
to the raw depth inside
the metaphorical heart?
and the physical mind
to leave nothing behind
goes on a quest to find
the most effective art
and before we ever start
everything comes apart

the horizon turns dark
our basic fears leave their mark
the contrast made is so stark
all becomes bite without bark
something must be tangible there
if not
then where?
you try to paint without borders
write books dismissing authors
build temples without alters
and hardly make a point
you try to stand on God's shoulders
make mountains out of boulders
bind existence into folders
and have nothing to anoint
all is rendered immaterial
until everything comes apart
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 1 0
what could be worth fighting for
when pacifism leads to war
and clear prisms fail to show
that light isn't white at its core?
life's enough to give me pause
as I search for a worthy cause
with positive effects and laws
and well-balanced in spite of flaws
but will it ever be enough
to demolish my mental walls?
I don't know what causes me to
I don't know what causes me to
I don't know what causes me to fall

all the time
all my life

is this the cause
or a symptom?
am I the cause
or the victim?
is there a cause for verbatim
choruses and ultimatum straws?
in hopes that I'll finally see
I go back to the roots of me
and find out why I'm a casualty
of unacceptable normality
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 3 0
Heading Home
too many left turns taken
none of which made a right
all of my dreams forsaken
forgotten by daylight
can't say I'm left unshaken
by my internal fight
and yet I still awaken
to sing with all my might
so here I follow
the road to nowhere
with abject fear inside

yet it rings hollow
right when I embrace
the pain I've once denied

I've left my baggage
on the roadside
heading home
to the wide and open sky

on a restless quest for peace
in a world of war
this question will never cease
what am I waiting for?
an emotional release
or something worth far more?
in the end I must decrease
to find out what's in store

I can't go back to how it was
it shouldn't all be for the buzz
my stone-cold heart breaks
just because
I'm alive
I'm alive
and I've finally found my soul
wide and open
wide and open
wide and open
wide and open sky
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 4 1
Hello again, Syrene.
Last time I saw you
was in the mirror,
as a literal
ghost of your own past.
Come speak with me, Syrene.
I know you’re merely
an apparition,
and such fantasies
are never to last.
Nothing changes, Syrene.
The blind lead the ignorant,
and every extreme clashes-
but I’m told the cause of your death
can be pinned on social classes.
You were correct, Syrene.
Nobody can see
their own folly
or at least
to a fault
so simple as
Don’t leave me here, Syrene.
I haven’t found anyone
who understands the meaning
and the implications of
idealism like you do-
If what I see is what I believe in,
then I’ve lost every piece of evidence
proving that you have ever existed,
and everything I now perceive is new.
Essentially, Syrene-
We apply fantasy
to our reality
without ever knowing,
because we are meant to.
In my own mind, Syrene,
nobody knows it but you.
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 3 0
Movement: A True Story
He thought someone
was after him
and thus became
constantly grim,
but he was delusional.
He thought the police
would come for him
because he hacked
the school system,
but he was delusional.
He knew he had a problem,
but it wasn't the one he thought.
The bitter cause of his angst
was the disease he fought.
Because his nerves were damaged,
both his brain and spinal cord.
Because his immune system
refused to act in accord.
He sometimes acts drunkenly,
as one of many symptoms.
Often misunderstood
by others' criticisms.
With Multiple Sclerosis,
I guess I should be thankful.
I didn't inherit it,
and for that I'll be grateful.
And it could always be worse,
as my father still can walk.
I've heard that extreme cases
make it difficult to talk.
I may lose a bit of him
with every passing moment.
I could see him breaking down,
if only in his movement.
But I'm okay.
I cherish every day
I've ever spent with my dad.
One might say,
I'm thankful anyway.
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 16 3
Wake up, dreamer--
your broken < heart 3
demands ! reasons ?
why we're falling ap a  r   t
And so the symbols fade
with my simple point made--
never thought it was hard
to call a spade a spade;
no matter what we say,
we'll give ourselves away--
please let me lift you up
to where the angels lay;
and as you touch the sky,
we'll soon ignite inside--
always meant to belie
the day the music died;
and they'll be taking notes
to spin into new songs--
they'll use rhythmic quotes
to right eternal wrongs;
we'll let the wounded show
the scars that no one knows--
where mankind's piercing words
gave way to exchanged blows.
This is our revolution;
such is our evolution--
unbounded predilection
for clear absolution;
let it be our intention
to uplift each shattered soul--
and to defy convention.
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 32 19
Head in the Clouds
I let loose a thought into the wind
and light the dark with grounded dreams
when breathless nightmares threaten to rescind
forever-flowing conscious streams.
So I go.
i let it go
There's power in the silence,
with invisible hands.
They play mental instruments,
like inaudible bands.
The road beneath my feet
twists into a skyline.
Nothing for me to fear
besides a stop sign.
Drowning in the thinning air
of an incline.
Spent my whole life in search of
a power line.
let it go
it won't go
I believe in the light which paves the winding street.
I believe in the light which shines when lovers meet.
I believe in the light which guards me in my sleep.
I believe in the light which requires a leap.
And I will fly.
So I go.
the road beneath my feet
falls into a straight line
nothing for me to fear
with these wings of mine
breathing in the salty air
of a shoreline
spent my whole life searching for
i don't know anymore
i light the dark
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 18 6


A tutorial to write a Poem...
You want to write a poem?

You want to write a poem?
I'll tell you how it's done
Just throw around some rhyming words
Then add a random pun
You want to write a poem?
You want a lot of views?
Just take a famous subject
Maybe something from the news
You want to write a poem?
It won't even take a while
Just search some famous quotes up
'You'll find that life is worthwhile"
                                                                                                                                                 (Charles Chaplin)
You want to write a poem?
Well, you know what
:iconsorcererwithapen:SorcererWithAPen 315 110
Sorry for the wait but I've been busy with studies this week..but here are the competition results!!! Woo!! I hope you enjoyed writing the literature for the competition as I had as much fun reading them, they were all written really well and it was hard to pick the winner!
First place -
Second -
Third -
Fourth -
Prizes:First prize: Winners package from :iconanothercontestgroup:
Second prize: A literature or art request, it's the winners choice
Third and fourth prize: Featured in the groups/my journal entry for two months!

Check below for the list of members who volunteered for the art/literature requests.
*   *   *
:icongliovampire: recently posted the following text on groups page, it's worth it to have a look!
This is to inform you about a writing contest in a literary magazine called Angie's Diary.
I post this because I know how difficult it is for a writer to be published - especially a young
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Daily Literature Deviations for December 27, 2013
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Daily Lit Deviations for December 27th , 2013
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
:pointr: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one
of yo
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 23 3
Admitted Reality
American Medical Response:
the heart beat -- cracks
:icontristancody:TristanCody 7 20
Showcase | 012
The main focus of The-Asterismos is to celebrate and provide exposure for your excellent literature deviations. Each Sunday, I will be taking the time to feature a number of outstanding pieces submitted to the group during the past week. I encourage you to browse through the work below! Each deviant featured is very worthy of your support.

See you next week for Showcase 013!
- Jessie
:iconthe-asterismos:The-Asterismos 8 15
Swag Mandolin
cube up with credit cards
the new dead language. 
:icontristancody:TristanCody 8 17
Please, if you are hurting,
let me share your pain-
I will ease away your burden,
shield you from the rain.
Please, share with me your fears,
let me hold your hand.
I will wipe away your tears,
and show you how to stand.
Because deep down inside my brain,
I have hidden my own scars;
by helping you, I ease my pain.
and break free from prison bars.
Please, if you are hurting,
let me share your pain-
I will ease away your burden,
shield you from the rain.
© Benjamin Court, July 2013
:iconinanisvoid:Inanisvoid 7 5
Green Ink
She writes with green ink
eternal scrawls upon the page.
She wrote with green ink,
because it was the color of his eyes,
and the pond in the park,
and the seats on the bus,
and the grass outside,
and rose stems.
She wrote with green ink
even when her boss yelled
and the teacher screamed
and nothing worked out.
Because green was her favorite
and it was his favorite as well
even when he was sick while
his skin was green.
He still loved the color green
when the dirt fell down
when he didn’t recover,
the grass that bloomed
was the most angelic jade.
And she still wrote in green ink
because it was the color of the grass,
and his favorite color
and the color of his eyes
on his last final days.
:iconoilux:Oilux 234 73
That Cali-Punctuality
Crutch'd up on animus vaccines
until your vein protrudes the poison
of hereditary-obituary-dogma
and your shilly-shally cali-punctuality 
punctures a hole through your ego. 
Sure, that nectar throat of sympathy
plays well in long, harmonic strides. 
But, honey - 
I'm becoming
:icontristancody:TristanCody 6 6
a ratio of freckles to stars
you are floating away in
every direction:
a universe
of sunlight & marrow bones
i want to know
your touch
had vertigo then--
a certain horse sadness
i remember how you
would swallow the stars:
watch them glow through your cheeks
(no one told you
what they thought of light & dying
of being a constellation
drawn across your face)
you are the milky way:
a firefly drowning
but i will trail you--
hold your coat above the water
(a star
exploding a million miles away
with a number for a name)
:iconinsomniaplague:insomniaplague 74 48
The Beautiful Dissent
Rearing asininity into the ambling of man
(the divide cast to heaven)
perched in oblivion
Compassionate disapproval:
the mercy
of my
and mortal suicide of my soul. 
:icontristancody:TristanCody 6 14
String Theory
This is determination,
existential numbness in which
I drown from the paranoid spittle
of that dreary-eyed girl
lost in the mirror.
 what would you do
if you saw me now, all grown in
to my predetermined curves and
the nihilistic fabrications knotted in my skin.
Maybe you still want to be
a brain surgeon. Maybe you still
weep when you’re happy and stop
when you’re lonely, drooping over like
the puppet no one remembered. Maybe
you still smoke like it’s a defiance, and love
like it’s a war; maybe time preserved you
like a corpse in formaldehyde, and maybe
you still think of me,
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 28 20
In coral caves
when sea anemones
brushed with
tropical eggs
of sweet,
I watched (in taststebuds)
the tang of tadpoles
In cerise carcasses
of puffer-passion-fish,
that carmine clash
leaves lasting eel stings;
it pulses  
across tongues.
:iconayeaye12:AyeAye12 8 25
"joy: a simple act of fate
fate: blown by the wind
if you're one day late
you might find
all your joy at end
what you need you hold
so don't look up above
and if you've not been told
don't throw away his love
please don't let him slip
don't drop and crawl
don't bite your lip
and watch him fall
regret, like an asp
consumes tenfold
within your grasp
is hidden gold
no coin flip nor wheel spin
just hold him tight
rarely chances come again
so please
please do
what's right"
:iconwebmasterseb:webmasterseb 1 0
As i begged
I begged to the light,
I begged for peace,
I begged for life,
I begged to be free,
But the light would not answer,
I begged the darkness,
I begged for hate,
I begged for power,
I begged for death,
But the darkness would not answer,
Then I begged to anyone,
I begged them to hear  me,
I begged them to save me,
I begged them to end me,
But they would not come,
As I was left All alone,
Never to be heard Anymore.
:iconcandyzombielord:candyzombielord 12 14





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